Best Paper Award

ICIRoB 2022 : 11th International Conference on Image Processing and Robotics

ICCRD 2017 : The 9th International Conference on Computer Research and Development

ACET 2013 : International Conference on Advances In Computer and Electronics Technology

ICAROB 2007 : International Conference on Artificial Life and Robotics

Best Presentation Award

ICCRD 2019 : 11th International Conference on Computer Research and Development

ICASERT2019 : International Conf. on Advances in Science, Engineering and Robotics Technology

ICMB 2017 : 19th International Conference on Medical and Bioengineering

Best Paper Finalist

IEEE-IRIS 2015 : International Symposium on Robotics and Intelligent Sensors

Excellence in Research Journal Award

Journal of Information Technology Research, 2011

Best Innovation Award

ICAME2010, 2010

Highly Commended Award

Real Time Generation of Humanoid Robot Optimal Gait for Going Upstars Using Intelligent Algorithms Industrial Robot - An International Journal Vol. 28, No. 6, 2001. Literati Awards for Excellence 2002

Excellent Paper Award

7th International Conference on Production Engineering, Design and Control, Alexandria, 2001