Genci Capi

Assistive Robotics Laboratory
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Science and Engineering
HOSEI University
Kajino-cho 3-7-2, Koganei-shi, Tokyo 184-8584 Japan.
tel/fax: +81-42-387-6148


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I am a professor of robotics and artificial inteligence at HOSEI University, Japan. I graduated with a Ph.D. in information systems engineering from Yamagata University in 2002. Teaching responsibilities include graduate courses in intelligent robots and undergraduate courses in control theory, robot programming, and numerical analysis. My research is in intelligent robots with a focus on brain machine interface, evolutionary robotics, map building, multi robot systems and humanoid robot. Please contact me if you are interested in studying or doing research in Assistive Robotics Laboratory at HOSEI University, Japan.

Humanoid Robot

Guide robot outdoor navigation

Robot Manipulator

Humanoid Robot for Object pick-up